Nutrition's Playground

by Ben Pratt

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Nutrition's Playground
Format: Paperback
Pages: 281 pages
Published by: CPI - ANTONY ROWE
ISBN: 9780956814500
Subject: Dietetics & nutrition
About this book
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Nutrition's Playground brings together the world of traditional nutrition with the world of modern science. It shows how real food, honestly evaluated can support the body to obtain optimal health. It banishes several big dietary myths created in modern day and argues for the inclusion of traditional fats, raw milk, unprocessed salt and a return to soaking grains as done in days gone by. This book is a perfect read for those who have become frustrated with the mixed messages about diet and weight loss and want honest, researched answers that are thoroughly explained in straight talking English. It challenges the way in which we introduce change into our food habits and provides real practical ways to adjust your beliefs and ease into long term, positive change. The food standards in Nutrition's Playground are ultimately set by Mother Nature.