The General Theory of Reality

by Stephen Alexander Foord

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The General Theory of Reality
Format: Book
Pages: 96 pages
Published by: Stephen Alexander Foord
ISBN: 9780993006104
Subject: Mathematics & science
About this book
Bookseller Reviews
"This book is a reality check for science illustrated by the case to end natural history ‘science’ in court as it is genocidal to fair Jews, fair gays and fair judges. They are leading groups to an argument for God by fair design. The preface sets it in context of the theory of Judgement Day to justify democracy and a free-press, and, fair proof for the devil as ‘God’ of selfish ‘Nature’. WWII was then of a greater supernatural war to eliminate the key fair groups for security to selfish fair-of-form-‘science’. This book advances fair-science to help courts damn it. The book ends with a real world theory of spiritual relativity in music".