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Curtal, Dulcian, Bajón: A History of the Precursor to the Bassoon by Maggie Kilbey

Format: Paperback, 303 pages
Published by: Maggie Kilbey
ISBN: 9780954349202

This book is about the instrument which evolved into the bassoon. Read More...

Doh Mix Meh Up: Diaspora and Identity in Art by Jane Garnett & Sunil Shah

Format: Book, 104 pages
Published by: Oxford Diasporas Programme
ISBN: 9781907271090

"How does one represent the experience of millions who move around the globe? ‘Migration’ or ‘diaspora’ refer to movement en masse, yet we know that everyone who will have moved from one place to another will have had a unique experience. Read More...

Runner - How to break into the film, TV and commercials industry as a runner and survive long enough to get your dream job by Will Judge

Format: Paperback, 202 pages
Published by: Will Judge
ISBN: 9780956632500

Packed with loads of useful advice on getting a job as a runner, how and where to apply, degrees, work experience, and what it takes to work in the film industry, plus interviews with top industry professionals - if there was ever a guide book to help people break into the film, TV and commercials industry - then this is it. Read More...

The Heroes of Hailsham by David Dyer

Format: Paperback, 176 pages
Published by: Dave Dyer
ISBN: 9780956915504

The history of Hailsham's war Memorial and the lives of the 123 men named on it -  A fully illustrated history of Hailsham's War Memorial and a record of the lives and military actions of the men of Hailsham, in Sussex, who died for King and Country in both the First (1914-18) and Second (1939-45) World Wars and whose names are recorded on the Memorial in the High Street, Hailsham. Read More...