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About Harry Potter by moore

Format: Book, 157 pages
Published by: Lux-Verbi Books
ISBN: 9780954359638

About Harry Potter is a fiction based on six main characters that turn the Harry Potter story on its head - literally! The rival to Harry Potter has come. Read More...

Blood In the Wine by Judith Cranswick

Format: Paperback, 274 pages
Published by: CPI - ANTONY ROWE
ISBN: 9781905200948

Tour manager Fiona Mason was hoping to lead a relaxing tour of the Rhine Valley enjoying fairytale castles nestling among vine clad slopes. Read More...

Blood On The Bulb Fields by Judith Cranswick

Format: Paperback, 262 pages
Published by: CPI - ANTONY ROWE
ISBN: 9781905200832

Fiona Masons first assignment as a tour manager turns into a nightmare when the spectacular Dutch bulb fields become a scene of murder and mayhem when diamond smugglers start falling out with one anotherand she finds herself face to face with a murder. Read More...

Boudicca - Queen of Death by Ralph Harvey

Format: Book, 293 pages
Published by: Lilith Mandrake Books
ISBN: 9780993462818

This is not a book for the faint-hearted, though it is tinged with scenes of love and devotion as a beaten and subjugated people try to keep a degree of humanity in an era of barbarity. Read More...

Comely Grace by Alexine Crawford

Format: Paperback, 352 pages
Published by: Wrayworks
ISBN: 9780957099203

Comely Grace is a story of Farnham townsfolk in the early 1640s, centred on Abigail, a lass on the cusp of womanhood. Read More...