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Dog training without treats by Adrian Howe

Format: Book, 128 pages
Published by: Adrian Howe
ISBN: 9780993502903

Adrian Howe has trained many hundreds of problem dogs in his career. Read More...

Recipes for Life by Bernardine, Ann & Alison

Format: Paperback, 244 pages
Published by: CPI - ANTONY ROWE
ISBN: 9781907571169

Alison, Ann and Bernardine cordially invite you to enjoy their Recipes for Life - a tempting mix of delicious tales, inspired by family favourite recipes and the 'ups and downs' of life. Read More...

The Best of the Best: A History of the IGL Retriever Championship 1909 - 2011 by Graham Cox and Dr Gareth Davies

Format: Book, 416 pages
Published by: Pernice Press
ISBN: 9780992627508

The International Gundog League's Retriever Championship is the premier event of its kind in the world, so the title 'The Best of the Best' is well chosen. Read More...

The Gun's Dog by Graham Cox

Format: Book, 96 pages
Published On: October 2014
Published by: Pernice Press
ISBN: 9780992627515

How can you come to enjoy the incomparable companionship of a well-bred, keen and mannerly dog? The Gun's Dog presents a clear philosophy and outlines the craft skills you will need. Read More...

The Lucky Country by James McGuire

Format: Paperback, 360 pages
Published by: CPI - ANTONY ROWE
ISBN: 9781907571121

James was struck from a very young age with an urge to travel and over the years he has visited many countries but only for short periods. Read More...